Beverly our "Iron-lady" IM Bolton 2016....  The race began well enough with the obligatory pee in the wet suit.  Two loops, 2.4 miles later, I exited for T1 through throngs of madly cheering people 1st in my AG!!. On leaving T1 Wuusss Tri were there cheering me on, a great motivator.  Onto the bike course which was scenic and again it was great to see my support team.  Wuusss Tri had made it to a local spectator hotspot. Onto T2, Too much time spent in the ambience of the portaloo, before heading out for the marathon. Eager for the run, it is the support of the spectators and athlete camaraderie that ensure the final stage is special. With a searing pain in my ankle from 8k, I expected it to ease but worse it gets. My pace plummets and a run/walk strategy is employed. No sympathy only cries of encouragement from Wuusss Tri.... Focus and not give up without a fight. Deal with the pain post race. The final few k's are amazing; high-fives with out-stretched hands and our faces are hurting from smiling. Bear hug embraces await us as we cross the finishing line. Anne and I have a special hug in a magical moment.

Paul and Huw met via a mutual friend and Triathlon enthusiast at Ironman Tenby 2013 and the friendship has flourished from there.  Huw started out on his triathlon journey by competing at Sprint Olympic and Half Ironman events before deciding to take on the Ironman distance. Huw has now completed IM Wales twice and joined Paul at IM Lanzarote in 2015 & 2016.   It’s during these periods of fun and family orientated enjoyment where the idea of Wuusss Tri was conceived.  This family inclusive approach is extremely important to the guys.  Tri Life can be fun for everyone and not just the triathletes, Wife’s, Husbands and children can also enjoy the events and training holidays.