If you're as passionate about triathlon sports as we are, then join us on our family training holidays. Amazing training opportunities for all abilities.

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Mission, Vision, Values

Geraint recently entered his first sprint Triathlon at Mumbles. It was his first open water swim. There's an athlete in all of us, and our mission is to help you achieve your dream goals and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Swim like you're gonna drown; Ride like you stole it;  Run like they are chasing you...

​" ​life is simple....... swim, bike, run , eat , sleep, repeat "

​ During the training, events & family orientated enjoyment is where the idea of Wuusss Tri was conceived.

Triathlon can be perceived as a selfish sport. At Wuusss Tri our mission and passion is to create a social, family orientated and inclusive environment. As a collective team our mission is quality over quantity.  Our core values are;

Passion: We have a passion for development and believe in sharing our experiences with a contagious energy and enthusiasm.

Fun & Interactive: We want a fun and interactive team environment with engaging experiential activities that inspire our members to take on a challenge.

Caring: We truly care about our club member friends and feel privileged to help and support them on their development journey.

Can Relate & Connect:  We can relate to and connect with each athlete and fully understand their unique challenges and goals.

Perspective: While being successful is very important to us, Triathlon is first and foremost about having lots of fun.