Hola from  Wuusss Tri . Our philosophy is fun and enjoyment. We believe triathlon is a sport for life. Wuusss Tri is fuel for obsession 

We are a Non-Profit making club with a passion to bring athletes together. Our aim is to create a healthy, happy and family orientated environment. Understand our dedication and share our passion.

I always wanted to swim in Open Water, and Paul, Huw and Chris showed me how!  Awesome experience, Thanks!


-- Geraint Davies, Llanboidy

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We don't worry about the forecast and train regardless There's no such thing as bad weather, its only bad gear.  Call us today...

Whether you're a novice or an expert, we've got the experience and energy you need to take on any Triathlon Distance. Anyone can achieve and strive for challenges that they never thought possible.

It's all in the preparation ...

Join us and have plenty of fun at our scheduled training days. Our aim is to bring all our members together for healthy structured development, enjoyment being our key enabler.


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